High Level Strategy

Providence Group is a healthcare company in the post-acute and long-term sectors. We relentlessly strive to raise the bar on quality care in the communities that we serve by providing an atmosphere deserving of our patient residents.

The Company plans to move quickly and acquire skilled nursing (SNF) and assisted living facilities (ALF) while partnering with hospitals, physician groups, accountable care organizations, and home health agencies.

The ideal asset portfolio would include three SNF’s (up to 300 beds), two ALF’s (up to 100 units), and a home health & hospice agency in relatively the same geographic proximity.



Short Term Objectives:

Identify and purchase opportunities to create value and better serve communities. Examples could include distressed nursing homes and assisted living facilities (occupancy rates < 75%) that need improvements in physical condition and/or community relations.

Mid Term Objectives:

  • Remodel, Retrain, Rehab.
  • Reduce hospital readmissions and decrease length of stays (LOS) through our “Bridge” Transitional Care Program.
  • Recruit, Hire, Retain.

Long Term Objectives:

  • Maintain stable, dedicated, and inspired staff
  • Maintain occupancy rates of > 90%
  • Maintain hospital readmission rates < 10%
  • Maintain rehab LOS < 30 days
  • Continuously follow-up and monitor our current, former, and future patient populations